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Dear Jeannine,

I’m taking the time to write to thank you and your staff for a thoroughly pleasant experience, having your product placed in my ceiling. At all times, your service was friendly and informative and always on time. Your team were equally efficient, kept a very low profile and cleaned up after themselves, leaving not a trace of dust behind. It was a most fascinating process to witness – I’m so pleased I was able to see it!

But, most of all, my house was immediately warmer!!  I couldn’t believe it – it felt as though I was wearing a warm shawl! What a pleasure!  I look forward to a cooler summer now.

Thank you again,

Carol Francis, RONDEBOSCH


What a pleasure doing business with your Company.  It is not often I write a letter of this nature especially not in recent years.  Firstly the Receptionist dealt with me over the telephone with a combined warm, friendly, professional approach.  She knew her facts and there was no delay in her getting back to me to finalise installation dates.  The moment the team arrived at my home I knew that i was in good hands, again – warm, friendly and professional.  The team did a great job even cleaning the grubby fingermarks that the alarm installers had left on the ceiiling.

Roger Milligan, CONSTANTIA

A year or two after having the insulation pumped into our ceiling an unfortunate event occurred.  The chimney from our indoor woodburning fireplace runs near to some beams in the roof.  One morning, we awoke to a trail of smoke seeping down through the cracks in the ceiling.  Upon inspection we found that all the beams within 1 metre radius were totally charred and that the Thermguard was still as good as new.  Our experience has thus proved that Thermguard not only is an excellent insulator, but also able to contain fires.  On the strength of this incident we highly recommend Thermguard. 

Pets Lodge Boarding Kennels and Cattery
  Thanks to your installation team.  I can feel the difference in my home already and it was only done yesterday afternoon!

  Thank you for your good team work.

  Thanks for youir great service and great product.  Definately will send some referrals.

Brian Harding, CAMPS BAY
This product has worked brilliantly for sound dampening against wind and broken flapping plastic. I am very impressed with it. Thanks very much.

I have installed both houses with Thermguard and family members have also used your product and your services. I am very impressed with both and you can use me as a reference anytime!

  What a difference and what a service! Very impressed and thanks so much.

  Finally paying for something that actually works. Also thank you for the service I received from your company. Very professional.

Mrs Chatsworth, LANSDOWNE
We have already noted a significant improvement of the indoor temperature. We are very satisfied and have already referred you to a friend. Thank you for the good service.


It's not often that one pays an invoice with a smile, but this is one of those rare occasions.  This is THE most professional service that I have ever received from any Company.  That includes the very first calls and enquiries right through to the installation and clean up!  Thanks so much. 



Thank you for the Thermguard.  It is really working!  The temperature in the house definately feels more comfortable.  I can already feel it working. 

Greg Daniels, KENWYN


Thank you very much for a job neatly and efficiently done! 

Ruth Rodger, TOKAI

  Thanks for a good job.  All went well and I am very happy. 

Joerg Schilling, ORANJEZICHT

As a Mom who lives on my own as my husband works overseas I was very nervous to have guys in my house that I didnt know.  When your team arrived they were so friendly and happy that I felt at ease straight away.  I wouldnt hesitate to recommend your Company and from start to finish I couldnt be happier.  Thank you! 

Charlene Venturini


Your team was very efficient and friendly.  I have just referred you to two of my friends so expect a call!  Thank you guys for a job well done.  I look forward to a cosy evening! 

Gael Stockford, CLAREMONT


I would like to thank Charl for the Thermguard that was installed in Marina Da Gama on Saturday.  The job was so well done and the house feels much warmer and more comfortatable. 

Carol Andrews, MARINA DA GAMA


This is the second house we have insulated with Thermguard and once again we could feel the difference immediately.  As for the service we received from your Company from the time we did the last house 8 years ago until now we still received the same excellent service as always!  Kind Regards.

Craig and Liesl Hirst, SUNNINGDALE

  Thank you for good service and good product.  All went well and our house is much cooler already.  Your team was on time and did a very neat job. 

Evangelia Matsukis, WEST BEACH
Dear Charl, It gives me great pleasure to express my utmost satisfaction with your product which you installed in my house during January this year. During the hot summer months it was only a pleasure to live in the house and visitors commented on how cool my house was without them knowing that I had Thermguard installed. I also like to compliment you on the neat and tidy way the work was performed. Thank you for a job well done. Not only can I recommend your product, but your service as well. Wishing you all the best for the future.

Marina Saunders, STELLENRIDGE
I have lived in my house in Claremont for the past 40 years so I know what I am talking about. About 2 years ago I had Thermguard blown into the ceiling of my home a single story 3 bedroom with high pitched roof. I do not have any heaters or aircon. Today the temp in the shade is 35c and very hot yet inside the house it is almost to cool. If you can believe it in contrast. In winter the house is decidedly warmer.

Arthur Phillips
A year or two after having the insulation pumped into our ceiling, an unfortunate event occurred. The chimney from our indoor wood burning fireplace runs near to some beams in the roof. One morning, we awoke to a trail of smoke seeping down through the cracks in the ceiling. Upon inspection, we found that all the beams within a 1 meter radius were totally charred, and that the Thermguard was still as good as new. Our experience has thus provided that Thermguard not only is an excellent insulator, but also is able to contain fires. On the strength of this incident, we highly recommend Thermguard.

Larry and Anthea Fischer, CONSTANTIA
  My property was insulated on Wednesday, 12th March 2009, and would just like to compliment you on your staff. Firstly the lady I spoke to to arrange the job was most helpful, courteous and friendly, a fairly rare treat these days. Your staff that came to do the actual job, again congratulations on the fine team. They arrived, unloaded and sorted everything and then did the job with minimal fuss and certainly no disruption and just got on with the job as speedily as possible. Thank you it was a pleasure doing business with you and I will certainly have no reservation in recommending your company.

Thank you so much for giving us a home that we can enjoy with our family and friends. After 45 years with double cavity walls, cement tile room awnings outside, foil on the windows, fans in two rooms, “old insulation” in the ceiling and split aircon in the main bedroom, together with a giant Jetmaster gas fireplace, nothing helped. You came along with your team and personally supervised the job if injecting friendly brown insulation. Our home is now a place of refuge from elements. We have to watch TV in the mornings to get a weather report on order to dress according for the weather for the day. We out visitors and grandchildren visit in comfort insulated from the weather conditions as never before. Your product works and it’s priced fairly.

John and Pauline Ecclestone, THORNTON
We installed your product about 4 months ago into our house in Plumstead and just want you to know that we are thrilled at the way it has kept our home nice and warm this winter. We also have not had such good service like this from any Company in a long time and would just like to commend your team for an excellent job well done. From the lady answering the phone to the job being well done it has been an absolute pleasure all round working with your Company. Thank you once again!

Rafe and Anna Shaw-Gray, PLUMSTEAD
  We would just like to say that we are sooooooo impressed with your company and your service – absolutely OUTSTANDING!!

Jean-Paul Ricketts Accommodation Shop, CAPE TOWN
  Thank you for the professional work and good service.

Professor Tobias van Reenen, CAPE TOWN
  I had a look at the insulation at my house and Thermguard have done an excellent job. Thanks so much for your professionalism and service. Thanks for a great job.

Thanks once again. I can feel that it really works like a bomb. I put my gas heater on upstairs and it was like a furnace in here. You know I live right opposite the ocean, I can see the waves from my bedroom so you can imagine how cold it can get here along the coast.... but I can tell you with THERM GUARD, my windows were misting up and while it was cold outside we were.... snug as a bug in rug. I'd recommend it to all my friends and family. I should have asked your guys to measure up my downstairs area for me because I certainly am going to get back to you. Anyway thanks so much and have a great day further. God Bless.

  Thanks so much for the installation; we can already feel the difference. Your team were also very professional and polite. Thanks.

Thanks a million. I would like to thank your staff for their professionalism and the very neat work that they did. I must say that when my husband got home from work yesterday he said he could feel a remarkable difference in the coolness of our home. Thanking you once again! Kind regards.

Cynthia Richter Holistic Advancement, CLAREMONT
Your insulation has made a HUGE difference. The guys did a neat job and we can already feel the difference it has made to our house. Thanks again.

Nillo and Lischa, PARKLANDS
  Thanks for the neat and thorough way in which the team worked. I am very impressed. Much appreciated.

  Thank you to you and your team for fast and efficient service throughout. Best of the season to you.

  We can feel the difference already in the house – thank you so much – the guys worked superbly! Thank you to the team. Regards.

  Many thanks for a job really well done!

Hayley Baxter, CONSTANTIA
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