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  The Company  
Original Product  
Thermguard is the original cellulose fibre insulation company.

Thermguard was established by Mark Stannard in 1984 who is still the Managing Director/Manufacturer for Thermguard and he has built up a network of long serving agents throughout the country with a proven 26 year track record.

Thermguard has both ISO 9001:2008 certification, your guarantee of quality, and the S.A.B.S. Mark.

Thermguard is a member of T.I.A.S.A. the Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa.
  The Thermguard Product  
Insulation keeping you cool in summer  
Keeping you cool in summer

In summer Thermguard will not absorb the heat that builds up above the ceiling, thereby leaving the house cool and comfortable, thus improving your lifestyle. In hot climates, airconditioning bills will be cut drastically by installing Thermguard.
  Insulation keeping you warm in winter
...and warm in winter

In winter Thermguard will stop the cold penetrating the house through the ceiling and will retain any heat generated inside the house, thus saving your energy costs and improving your comfort. In winter the decrease in heating required to keep your home comfortable equates to the use of less electricity.


    • Being a loose fill product Thermguard fills every nook and cranny leaving no gaps where there may be temperature losses or temperature gains.

    • Superior insulation values i.e. R and U values (see our Thermal Properties)

    • SABS approved

    • ISO9001 approved

    • Government and public works approved

    • Environment friendly

    • Energy saving – keeps the heat in your home in Winter and the heat out your home in Summer

    • Fire Resistant

    • Pest resistant

    • Rot resistant

    • Non toxic and non irritant – contains no mineral asbestos or glass fibre

    • Non-allergenic
Our method of installing our insulation product provides 100% coverage. We can install Thermguard in the following areas:

  • Flat roofs
  • Sloped ceilings
  • Cavity walls
  • Floors
Thermguard insulation product
Installation of Thermguard
Insulation complete
Our workmanship and professionalism is guaranteed. Our team of guys have been installing this product for 19 years and therefore have the experience necessary to do any type of roof application i.e. flat roofs, sloped ceilings, floors, cavity walls etc.

We are able to give you references in and around your area. See a selection on our Testimonials page or contact us for further references.
We are able to give you a lifetime guarantee – once our product is installed
on your ceiling the product will last the lifetime of your building.
  Contact us now for further information or a quotation.  
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