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3007–3019. Here are the must-visit attractions in the area. In: Renaud, F. G. and C. Kuenzer (eds. Dordrecht: Springer, pp.  Starts : Hanoi City Many animals live in the Mekong Delta. [4] During the Tây Sơn wars and the subsequent Nguyễn Dynasty, Vietnam's boundaries were pushed as far as the Cape Cà Mau. An outstanding hydrodynamic characteristic of the Mekong River is the role of water flow regulation by Tonlé Sap Lake - Southeast Asia's largest fre… It is a region of lowlands, with thousands of canals and arroyos densely criss-crossing. During the Middle Holocene the Mekong River was discharging waters into both the East Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. In: International Journal of Remote Sensing 33 (24), pp. The ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, the delta is carpeted in a dizzying variety of greens. In 1698, the Nguyễn lords of Huế sent Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, a Vietnamese noble, to the area to establish Vietnamese administrative structures in the area. Also known as Lancang Jiang (Lancang River) in Chinese. Mekong River Vinh Long Vietnam. [19] All of Vietnam's largest fishery producers with over 300kt of output are in the Mekong Delta: Kiên Giang, Cà Mau, Đồng Tháp, An Giang, and Bến Tre. Upper Pleistocene prodeltaic and delta front sediments interpreted as the deposits of the palaeo-Mekong River were reported from central basin of the Gulf of Thailand[17][18], The Mekong Delta is the region with the smallest forest area in Vietnam. Starting from 2010, the Mekong Delta Plan (Gov, Silhouette of people on banks of Mekong river near UNESCO World Heritage city of Luang Prabang, Laos . 55 65 4. The region is home to cải lương, a form of Kinh/Vietnamese folk opera. This is more than half of the total arable land in the region. Mekong River rises as Za Qu in Tibetan Plateau, where it is known as the 3 Rivers (Yellow, the Yangtze, and the Mekong) Source Area. Boat on traditional floating market. One programme for integrated coastal management, for instance, is supported by Germany and Australia. View Map. Greater Mekong Region Map & Mekong River Cruise Map. Location of the Mekong River Delta in the map of Vietnam . The delta covers an area of approximately 15,600 square miles and dominated by flush floodplains. In Binh Thuy Air Base, where the ARVN soldiers and number of aircraft defend on military operations, some ARVN soldiers and air base personnel who defended long-time at air base evacuated by helicopters to depart to presumably at Thailand shortly after hearing President Minh surrendered. The earliest known settlements date to 210 BCE, with Ban Chiang being an excellent example of early Iron Age culture.  Ends : Hanoi City 14 13 4. [15] The water entering the Gulf of Thailand was flowing via a palaeochannel located within the western part of the delta; north of the Camau Peninsula. Mekong Map - Mekong River Overview. Mekong Delta Map Map – June 30, 1999 by Jack Joyce (Author) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. The delta is home to many birds sanctuaries, (Tram Chim National Park - Dong Thap, Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary - Ben Tre...), crowded floating markets in every mornings (Cai Rang - Can Tho, Phung Hiep - Hau Giang...), and fruit orchards are countless on the numerous islets of the Mekong River (islets of Phung, Quy, Oc, Tien - Ben Tre; Thoi Son Islet - Tien Giang...). Cai Luong is a kind of play telling a story. Discovery. The most serious cases are predicted to be the provinces of Bến Tre and Long An, of which 51% and 49%, respectively, are expected to be flooded if sea level rise by 1 metre (3 ft 3 in). [11] During the Vietnam War—also referred to as the Second Indochina War—the Delta region saw savage fighting between Viet Cong (NLF) guerrillas and the US 9th Infantry Division and units of the United States Navy's swift boats and hovercraft (PACVs) plus the Army of the Republic of Vietnam 7th, 9th, and 21st Infantry Divisions. Before 1975, Mekong Delta was part of the Republic of Vietnam. [27], In August 2019, a Nature Communications study using an improved measure of elevation estimation, found that the delta was much lower than previous estimates, only a mean 0.82 metres (2 ft 8 in) above sea level, with 75% of the delta—an area where 12 million people currently live—falling below 1 metre (3 ft 3 in). Kuenzer, C. and F. G. Renaud (2012): Climate Change and Environmental Change in River Deltas Globally. Recent research on emergent complexity in Cambodia's Mekong. Kuenzer, C., I. Klein, T. Ullmann, E. Foufoula-Georgiou, R. Baumhauer and S. Dech (2015): Remote Sensing of River Delta Inundation: Exploiting the Potential of Coarse Spatial Resolution, Temporally-Dense MODIS Time Series. [19], From 1973 to 2005, the Mekong Delta's seaward shoreline growth decreased gradually from a mean of 7.8 m/yr to 2.8 m/yr, and after 2005 it became negative, with a retreat rate of −1.4 m/yr. [19] The region's land used for growing cereals makes up 47% of the national total, more than northern and central Vietnam combined. Evening Dusk Sunset. Excavations at Oc Eo, near modern An Giang, have found coins from as far away as the Roman Empire. ", "Saigon began as the Cham village of Baigaur, then became the Khmer Prey Nokor before being taken over by the Vietnamese and renamed Gia Dinh Thanh and then Saigon.". The delta has produced nearly half of the country's rice since 1997. [19] Net migration has been negative in all of these years. The Mekong Delta region of Vietnam displays a variety of physical landscapes, but is dominated by flat flood plains in the south, with a few hills in the north and west.

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